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New Semester, Fresh Start


Today marks day 1 of year 4. I repeat: YEAR FOUR, wow. I cannot believe I have made it this far. Time sure does fly when you’re having “fun” because they said go to grad school because it would be "fun" (lol yeah okay), but nonetheless, I have arrived. For those who aren't aware of the way my program works, students typically spend about 4 to 5 years on campus then complete a one year internship anywhere in the country. With that being said, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, as I am more than halfway through my program. Even though this will be an extremely busy academic year for me, I am excited to progress through my program and meet certain milestones like starting my new practicum experience and proposing my dissertation. As the summer winds down and many prepare to begin a new school year, I am sending nothing but positive vibes, blessings, love and light. This is something that I often have to remind myself – that this journey is a marathon, not a race.

As I reflect on Summer 2019, the only word that comes to mind to sum up this summer is: eventful. Very eventful. From one of my childhood friends becoming a mother, to another friend becoming a wife, my best friend graduating with her doctorate in psychology, to an array of additional highs and lows in between, a lot happened this summer. I became a dog mom to my sassy, energetic, little maltese and poodle mix, Sophie Bella. She is basically me in puppy form, no lie. Some people’s season in my life ended while others’ began, I did a lot of soul searching, and even took a small vacation to Chicago for the Annual American Psychological Association Convention and had a blast. The highlight of my trip was being able to network with many professionals within my areas of interest and connecting with Dr. Joy, creator of Therapy for Black Girls. It’s always so inspiring to see psychologists that look like me. Representation matters.

I'd consider my trip to Chicago as my first semi-solo trip, as I navigated the windy city by myself during the first few days before the conference started. This summer has been a season of transitions for me, accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions and it was extremely refreshing to explore a new city by myself. I plan on taking an actual solo trip in the near future, but Chicago was a nice start. All in all, this was a transformative and life-changing summer for me. I have gained so much self-awareness, clarity, and even peace. I will take the experiences and lessons learned this summer with me forever and I’m excited to begin this new chapter. Cheers to a positive and productive last few months of 2019.

Below are a few pictures from my summer adventures.

Top row (l to r): early May at my little brother's high school graduation, my Sophie Bella, the #hometeam at my best friend's graduation. Middle row (l to r): deep dish pizza from Giordano’s in Chicago (which was amazing btw), the Chicago Theater, me in front of the APA 2019 Convention sign. Bottom row (l to r): me at the Willis Tower/Skydeck, the Bean, the Navy Pier.

Peace, love, and blessings,



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