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You can call me Dr. T.

I am first, a human being. Just like you.

I use she/her pronouns.

I'm also a counseling & sport psychologist* with research and clinical interests in sport psychology, athlete mental health, Black mental health, masculinity, Black student-athletes, and stigma. I'm very passionate about social justice advocacy and also engage in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work.


I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Florida State University, Master of Science Degree in Experimental Psychology from Georgia Southern University, and Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology from Auburn University. My APA-Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology was completed  at Oregon State University's Counseling & Psychological Services with an emphasis in Sport Psychology. I'm also a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.



My approach to therapy is driven by Relational-Cultural Theory, a relationship-centered,

culturally-oriented form of therapy, in addition to Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, an evidenced-based

treatment for disorders commonly used to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and trauma.

I identify my primary theoretical orientation to be an integrative approach that pairs CBT with principles of RCT to

provide culturally responsive treatments to diverse individuals. Pretty much, I view my roles as a clinician and advocate as vehicles to help my clients understand the relationship between their cognitions, emotions, and behaviors that contribute to and maintain their symptoms, while also addressing systemic concerns and inequities. My goal is to provide high quality, multiculturally-competent, trauma-informed care and cultivate more diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces for all, with warmth, empathy, and an open mind. My therapeutic approach is collaborative in nature, with me first acknowledging that the client is the expert on their lived experiences and identifying ways to meet the client where they are. I find value in instilling empathy and hope within my clients so that they can dig deep to find something inside of them to build resiliency and motivation to keep going. Simply put, I assist individuals in improving their well-being and functioning by equipping them with the necessary skills to overcome mental health and performance-related challenges, ultimately helping them perform at their optimal level. I have experience working with adults with severe mental illnesses, college students, collegiate-level athletes, and have conducted numerous presentations and workshops.


One of my life philosophies or mottos is "live out your truth, not matter what that looks like." I truly value vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity. I strive to show up as my whole, authentic self in all areas of my life and empower my clients to do the same.


Education & Training:

Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Auburn University

APA Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship, Oregon State University, Counseling & Psychological Services (Sport Psychology emphasis)

M.S. Experimental Psychology, Georgia Southern University

B.S. Psychology, Florida State University

Professional Memberships:

Association of Black Psychologists

American Psychological Association 

Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Clinical/Counseling Sport Psychology Association

*Dr. T is currently provisionally licensed in the state of FL.

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