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2023 has been a year — one that I'll write a bestseller about one day 😉

But really, it’s been a wild ride and I’m grateful for all that it entailed; the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows, the wins, and the losses. With us being 2 days out from 2024, I’ve done tons of reflecting on the year, the most defining moments, and what I would like this next year to look like.

This was a year that I really found my voice and used the hell out of it.

I used to think about the opportunities that I may have missed out on based on how I show up, but then I think about all of the opportunities that I’ve received, based on how I show up. And that’s where the gratitude comes in. There are not many greater feelings than being yourself and staying true to that, no matter what.

And I pride myself on that.

There are so many people who are paralyzed with fear with just the thought of publicly sharing an unpopular opinion or belief, let alone disrupting the status quo. You wouldn't believe how many people reach out/have reached out to me expressing their appreciation for my authenticity, transparency, and unapologetic nature. It’s my wish that every being reach that place. It’s liberating AF. I want everyone to experience that and have confidence in knowing that the people that rock with you, really rock with you. I strongly believe that those are a few of the qualities that have shaped what my advocacy looks like. And I hope to continue to show up for others and be more impactful.

This year I learned more about my passions and led with that. I'm more open.

And I’m embracing the pivot.

I hope that I continue to learn — that’s something I never want to stop doing. I want to continue to learn about my history, as it informs how my generation and I (and those to come), show up; as activists, allies, and abolitionists. I want all my people free.


While I believe that I accomplished a lot this year, I’m so proud of myself for the grit, determination, and passion that was demonstrated in this season. 2023 was a tough year, but gosh, I grew so much. I’ve changed so much and I have an abundance of gratitude for all that has accompanied these transitions. I’m grateful for these new experiences and perspectives, and yet, there has been a grieving process that has occurred, as I let go of everything that I’ve ever known. I believe that I’ve been privileged with the knowledge, consciousness, and awareness, and have taken the rose colored glasses off, causing a shift in my perspective and ways in which I navigate in this universe.

I find myself now focused on cultivating a community of love that extends beyond and is much greater than what I could ever receive from one person in a romantic relationship. If I ever bring life into this universe, I hope to show my children that there are other ways to exist than what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

Things are shifting, things are changing, things are different — and it’s okay.

Change and growth are uncomfortable, but who wants to stay the same anyway?

To liberation, resistance, community, & rest in 2024,



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